Supply Chain / Third Party Risk Management

Monarch’s Vendor Management Plans are the bedrock of validating supply chain cybersecurity practices.

Your risk management team may not have the time, resources, or experience required to assess the security posture of all your subcontractors and vendors. No problem – let us do the work for you. 

We will help you rate the criticality of your current vendors, decide which need further review, and develop a strategy to evaluate the security posture of those vendors most critical to your operations. Our team can even take over the entire assessment process and work directly with your vendors – reporting back with our assessment findings and recommendations.  Talk to us today.

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Beware the CMMC Snake Oil
If you do business with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) chances are that you have been called, emailed, or directly messaged on LinkedIn, about CMMC by now. Not all these communications are presented in good faith. Those after a quick buck are looking to take advantage of the ecosystem’s infancy and the vast array of messaging coming through all channels. Organization’s seeking certification (OSCs) should conduct their own thorough due diligence before engaging a CMMC services provider. Learn More >

Monarch is the Northeast’s only Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO)