Privacy, security, integrity. For you, your employees and your patients.

We know the care of your patients is Priority One. And that includes safeguarding their Protected Health Information (PHI). But keeping up with changing HIPAA regulations shouldn’t add to your administrative burden. 

Monarch ISC understands what federal law demands of healthcare organizations. We also know that your primary real-world concern is the health and treatment of  your patients, not regulatory compliance.

A properly designed cybersecurity program can benefit your business, your employees, and your patients in ways you may have not considered. 

Our consultants have more than 100 years of combined experience working with healthcare organizations, including large data analytics providers, hospital systems and small physician practices. Our cybersecurity programs are  straightforward, intelligent, and cost-effective. We stand by you and our work…through the compliance process, an audit, or an adverse cyber event.

Focus on what you do best. We’ll help with the rest. Talk to us today. 


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Social Media Security in a CMMC World
If only the cybersecurity risk of oversharing online was common knowledge. We know people are still putting themselves in danger with how much information they share. All that information is “out there” once posted, and mostly uncontrolled. Other than the unpopular opinion or embarrassing anecdote here and there from our personal lives, once we’re using social media for business purposes, oversharing can mean the difference between CMMC Certification and finding ourselves out-of-compliance. The CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) captures this necessity within its Access Control (AC) & Systems and Communications Protection (SC) domains. Organizations typically face these while marketing and advertising. Sharing your DoD-contracted work (however impressive it may be) can at times leak controlled information. It is important to manage the employees and the public-content process, including creating, reviewing, releasing, posting, and publishing this information. Learn More >

Monarch is the Northeast’s only Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO)