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A financial institution’s strength is its stability – real or perceived. And there’s nothing like an account breach or denial of service to make customers second-guess the security of their finances.

Making your institution resilient to adverse cyber attacks can be daunting. Monarch ISC can help. We understand the competitive banking landscape, as well as the particulars of federal banking regulations. Our Advisors have more than 40 years of experience helping to ensure FFIEC compliance and associated critical concerns. We’ll create a straightforward, time-tested cybersecurity program for your institution. And we stand behind you and our work – through the compliance process, an audit, or an adverse event. 

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Data Breach: Anatomy of One Company’s Response If the trend continues, 2023 will become another year of over 1,000 publicly reported data breaches. According to the IT Governance Blog (, this translates to over five billion compromised data records. The breaches number will undoubtedly continue in number and severity – reaffirming that cybersecurity is a pressing priority for business. Learn more >
Monarch is the Northeast’s only Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO)