Phishing Simulations & Testing (CBT)

Phishing is the malicious sending of emails purporting to be from reputable companies, organizations or individuals specifically designed to induce the recipient to reveal information – personal, financial, technical, and every kind of proprietary business information. It is the most common form of cybercrime.

Cyber attackers send out 3.4 billion Phishing emails every day, the vast majority of these by highly organized operations using sophisticated automated systems. Google blocks about 100 million a day, but the overwhelming majority reach their mark – Including your employees, which for to many companies is their first and only line of defense against a data breach.

And as of June 2023, the average cost a data breach was nearly $4.5 million and rising. You need to defend against Phishing now. Talk to us today.

What are Phishing Simulations?

Phishing Simulations and Phishing Tests are a proven method for training employees and testing their cybersecurity awareness and responses to cyber attacks. Phishing Tests simulate cybercriminals’ attempts to infiltrate your network. By realistically simulating real attacks, your employees (and you) will experience what fraudulent emails look like and learn how criminals can breach your defenses. Your employees will:

  • Gain the skills and experience to recognize attacks as they happen.
  • Respond to attacks appropriately.
  • Learn how to help prevent future attempted breaches from succeeding.

Phishing Simulations are controlled events and offer no security risk to your organization. Each simulation includes detailed reporting – the what, where and how of the attack – along with follow-up and remedial eduction with compromised employees.

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