Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Test, or Pen Test, is a simulated cyber-attack performed on your network to evaluate the strength of its security protections. A Penetration Test uses the same techniques an attacker would – the very same tools and processes – to identify the vulnerabilities of your network.

You might be thinking: Why does my company need a Pen Test? 

Well, you’re connected to the internet, aren’t you? Think of that connection as a big back door made of glass. Without adequate protective controls, anyone can come by, day or night, and peer inside without you knowing. And as we know, some of those people are not very nice. 

What’s more, if that big glass door has no lock, those not-so-nice people can simply walk in, snoop around and take anything they want.

Should you be concerned? If you’re interested in protecting your company’s assets, intellectual property, and customers’ data, of course you should. Bottom line: if you don’t discover where the weakness in your defenses are, the bad guys will find them for you. 

A Penetration Test will show you where the open doors and windows are and give you the information you need to close them, keeping your business safe. Talk to us today.

What does a Pen Test do?

A Pen Test is designed to:

  • Find the weaknesses in your computer network and associated systems.
  • Determine the strength and suitability of systems, sensors and controls.
  • Find the unforeseen vulnerabilities in hardware and software.
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of your current cybersecurity program, including data for reassessing cybersecurity strategies, remediation and budgeting.
  • Help support compliance required by federal law and industry regulations.

Pen Tests should be tailored to your business’ operations, anticipated vulnerabilities, and potential of cyber threat exposure. This requires testing of all areas of potential exposure, including Wi-Fi and hardwired networks, mobile devices, cloud environments, embedded devices, web & mobile apps, patching processes, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Pen Testing typically involves three steps:

  • Reconnaissance – Gathering as much intel as possible about your network from both public and private sources. This includes scanning your systems with various tools to reveal potential weaknesses and points of entry.
  • Access –Attempting to gain entry to your systems and maintaining access long enough to demonstrate that our Pen Tester could manipulate or modify systems, steal data, corrupt software, or suspend services, if this was an actual cyber-attack.
  • Reporting – A highly detailed accounting and analysis of results, including recommendations for remediation.

Our professional Pen Testing experts are trained to think and act as hackers would. Their experience allows them to target and analyze attacks in ways other automated tests can’t.

Find out more. Talk to us today.

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